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En Plein Coeur History
En Plein Coeur's history is a story of passion...

A story of heart...

The passion of Bruno Franchini, a talented and generous child of Marseille, creator of his own company FRANCHINI, manufacturer of jewels who has became today, without a doubt the leader of his market.

Based on his experience and eager to improve his passions through a new challenge, he has created with his wife the Brand "En Plein Coeur", jewels in refined gold.They were inspired by all the emotions and sensitivity of women , by their hopes, by their generous personalities, by their impulsions, by their grieves, but above all, by their smiles, to design these marvelous jewels .

sophie franchini en plein coeurPassionated and ambassador of the brand, Sophie Franchini, has imagined refined medals, tokens, chains, timeless bracelets, that simply come along with each single moment of our lives, as a precious charm that never leaves you.

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